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All proceeds benefit the SIMS Foundation

The SIMS Foundation provides life-saving mental health and addiction recovery services to Austin musicians, music industry professionals, and their family members. Over the past 12 years, the Austin Music Awards has raised over $125,000 for the SIMS Foundation.

The SIMS story began tragically when a musician suffering from a debilitating depression took his own life. His loss was profound and launched the first musician’s support organization in our city. Twenty-two years and over 6,000 musicians later, SIMS is the number to call when mental health and addiction stop the music.

SIMS connects over 600 musicians, music industry professionals, and their family members each year to high-quality, hassle-free mental health and substance use disorder services. SIMS has built a network of over 90 therapists, psychiatrists, and substance use specialists in our community who take a reduced fee to work with SIMS clients and value the important place live music has in our city’s economy and culture. SIMS helps musicians develop healthy relationships, strong coping skills for stress, tools to tackle depression, and navigates those with substance use problems along a safe pathway to sobriety.

SIMS believes that supporting the emotional wellness of our music community contributes to a larger goal of realizing the full human potential of every member of our beloved city. Musicians are great spokespersons in the fight to defeat mental health stigma. Each musician who makes a call to SIMS to get help during a breakup or loss, who sees a SIMS provider to move sadness out of the way of their creativity, or who takes the hand of a clinician in support of their sobriety, is actively addressing their mental health and making our city stronger as a result.

To get help, go to, or call their confidential client line at 512-494-1007.